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Updated: Sep 21, 2021

During the COVID-19 outbreak we acknowledge that the needs of your loved one / yourself may change and we will continue to meet those needs. Be rest assured  our carers will always prioritise your safety and well being. ​​ While our services are there to improve their daily lives, We are very confident that all our service users can rely on our extreme diligence in taking every possible precaution when delivering any form of care and can be confident that our help is only a phone call away if we are needed. We will be continuously taking measures to ensure that your health, and the health of the members on the team are not compromised during this pandemic. 

Examples of these measures include: All carers will be wearing a suitable amount of PPE which comprises

  • Single use disposable gloves

  • Single use disposable apron

  • Type IIR fluid resistant surgical mask

  • Eye protection (based on risk assessment)

It would be very helpful if you could notify us about any changes in your health and if you are showing COVID-19 the necessary steps can  be taken to prevent infection.. We also would like for you to follow the NHS Guidelines, to further ensure the safety of yourself and the individuals you come into . If you have any more questions regarding COVID-19 or any general queries feel free to email us at .

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