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Welcome to Newdon Care

We welcome you to Newdon Care Services,

We are a care agency based in York, Leeds and Doncaster. We recruit carers locally and we have a dedicated, professional team to deliver the best of care for you or your loved one. We provide single or double carers depending on the level of care requested by commissioners of your care.

It is our aim that all service users will be treated with care, dignity, respect and sensitivity, which matches individual needs and abilities. Our service will be delivered in a flexible manner, within the limitations of the service, in an attentive and non-discriminatory manner with respect for independence, privacy and the individual’s right to make informed choices. We will respect the needs and values of Service users in matters of religion, beliefs, culture, race, ethnic origin and sexuality.

Our staff will encourage all service users to maintain where possible their social and cultural links within the community and encourage participation in activities. We will encourage our Service users to be fully involved in our service provision, so that all can continue their lives with dignity and independence. Newdon Care is committed to meeting the needs of those people entrusted to our support. Usually we see no conflict between meeting the needs of service users and those of workers. Where such conflict exists, the needs of Service users must take precedence.

Download our service user guide

Service user Guide 2021
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