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Has COVID-19 impacted the way service users' needs are met ?

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

COVID-19 has impacted care in a various amount of ways but as a care service provider we want to ensure that these changes do not negatively impact the quality of the care received. As I have been researching, one of the most recent areas for improvement that has been highlighted by the COVID-19 outbreak is the issue of unmet needs.

As care service providers, we at Newdon Care we adhere to regulations given by the government, as well as our own policies to further ensure the safety of all carers and service users. The rise of these new rules and regulations has caused the we work to change .As the current public health status changes we suitable employ measures that promote safe delivery of care.

The transition has been easier for some organisations (particularly those that were already practising flexible working) than others, but it’s all happened quickly and in an atmosphere that is hardly conducive to wellbeing.

According to reducing hospital admissions, means that other areas of care have reduced risk of transmission of COVID-19, but this could further result in unmet health needs.

As a care service user this may cause some worries, or concerns which is completely normal considering the unprecedented times we are currently living in. Trying to reduce the possibility of unmet care needs can be done through improving communication on our behalf as well as yours , which is spoken on more detail in another blog article “ Improving care in a home setting”. This is an example of one of the key steps necessary to improve quality of care, preventing unmet needs and disjointed care.

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